Sarah works with singers who are aspiring to become performers to help them feel confident in their singing through healthy technique, informed musicality, and inspired expression

Sydnee Guglietti 

All ages are welcome : children, teens and adults. Sarah focuses on beginners and intermediate-level singers. Need a teacher to help prepare you for your first performance? Your community theatre audition? Your high school arts program audition? Your vocal university auditions? If yes, you have come to the right place, and Sarah is your gal! 

Confident singing, healthy technique, musical literacy, and a more developed understanding of self are just a few things that Sarah works on. Sarah believes that these skills help to contribute to a healthy lifestyle and a more informed understanding of self and what you are passionate about. Confident singing is a skill that directly leads to effective public speaking and almost every other interpersonal context. The ability to project and communicate effectively is not only used on a personal level but will help in school or work-related presentations. The skills one can learn in singing lessons positively transfer to any other career/job in the future. 

Sara Coutts singing in a guest masterclass


To create respectful, self-sufficient and polite musicians.

To encourage every student to dare greatly, make big mistakes and grow in a positive environment. 

To laugh and relate personally to every student.

To improve your vocal ability and skill.  

To create a positive community for students to share and create with.

Avelyn Dorin singing for her peers in a masterclass with Guest instructor Todd Martin